#MeToo Gestapo Targets Warren Beatty with 49-Year-Old Accusation

Article here. Excerpt:

'Kristina Charlotte Hirsch filed a lawsuit against Beatty this week seeking damages with the claim Beatty “used his role, status, and power as a well-known Hollywood Star to gain access to, groom, manipulate, exploit, and coerce sexual contact from her over the course of several months.”

Hirsch is seeking “exemplary and punitive damages for psychological, mental and emotional distress” and says she still suffers from “issues of trust and control.”

This is what happens when you remove the statute of limitations, which is what the fascists in California have done. These days, a woman can come out of nowhere and hurl rocks at an 85-year-old man with a wife and children, knowing it’s impossible for him to have any kind of due process.'

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