Why Smart Men Should Not Fear Gender Parity

Article here. Excerpt:

'In short, smart men have nothing to fear about gender parity - on the contrary, they should embrace it. That said, it is understandable that those who managed to become the status quo because of privilege, nepotism, or deception rather than actual merit, may worry about gender party, or any other intervention that reduces the gap between talent and achievement. To anyone who got to the top without deserving it (which tends to exclude both competent women and men) meritocracy is a threat.

In this post I have deliberately avoided any reference to the moral or social justice case for gender parity. Not because it doesn’t matter (it does), or because I don’t care about it (I do), but because it is clear to me that many people are simply not motivated enough by this argument. So perhaps appealing to their instrumental, pragmatic, and selfish interests is a better way to open their eyes.'

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