Francis the Feminist: Pope calls fight for women's rights a 'continuous struggle' and condemns male chauvinism as anti-hijab protests sweep Islamic Iran

Article here. No comment. If I start, I'll end up writing a 10-page essay. Excerpt:

'Pope Francis said on Sunday the fight for women's rights was a 'continuous struggle', and condemned male chauvinism as deadly for humanity and female genital mutilation as a crime that must be stopped.

Speaking to reporters on the plane returning from a four-day trip to predominantly Muslim Bahrain, he also praised women he has appointed to managerial jobs in the Vatican, saying they had improved things there.

He made no mention of campaigns to let women move on beyond that and become clergy - the pope and his predecessors have said the question of women priests is closed.

Francis was responding to a question about women protesting in Iran but turned to the topic of women's rights in general.'

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