Social Isolation: A Modern Plague

Article here. Not an MRA issue per se, more a men's issue. I am sure some percentage of women experience such feelings but I conjecture men have it in greater numbers. Your mental health is very important. It's hard to live life happily much less have the energy to fight feminist excess if you feel lonely/depressed/isolated. There's nothing wrong with seeking out friendships and activity partners deliberately for just the sake of it. Excerpt:

'The best research confirms it: Americans are now perilously isolated. In a recent comprehensive study by scientists at Duke University, researchers have observed a sharp decline in social connectedness over the past 20 years.

Remarkably, 25% of Americans have no meaningful social support at all - not a single person they can confide in. And over half of all Americans report having no close confidants or friends outside their immediate family. The situation today is much worse today than it was when similar data were gathered in 1985. (At that time, only 10% of Americans were completely alone).
But we're truly not designed to live like this. For the great majority of human history, people resided in small, intimate hunter-gatherer communities. And anthropologists who spend time with modern-day hunter-gatherer bands report that social isolation and loneliness are largely unknown among them: group members spend the bulk of their time - virtually all day, every day - in the company of friends and loved ones.'

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This article's from 2009. I am sure it's only gotten worse.

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