Bigotry Is On The Rise On College Campuses

Article here. Excerpt:

'Many would agree that sexism and racism remain serious and, in some cases a growing concern. However, those being discriminated against are not the ones that feminists and other alleged advocates for equal rights have traditionally focused their attentions and efforts on. Instead, the group being victimized is straight white men.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that males are being mistreated—and yet, for some strange reason, many seem to find this totally acceptable. Ironically, one such example includes a ban on straight white men at the United Kingdom’s equality conference of the University and College Union, reported by the Daily Mail in June 2016. But this was not an isolated event. Reports suggest that such developments are commonplace, for instance, on college campuses in the U.K., U.S. and elsewhere.

Simply put, white heterosexual men are blameworthy and deserve to be excluded.'

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