California professor erupts on 'Christian,' 'White men' on PBS: They will cause a 'civil war'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Author and University of California San Diego Professor Barbara F. Walter warned that "Christian," "White men" are primed to start a civil war in America.

Walter, the author of a book titled, "How Civil Wars Start," made her claims on PBS's "Amanpour and Company" Tuesday evening.

She cited observations of over 200 civil wars to decode that these "Christian" White males are the powder keg from which conflict will explode, because they were once "dominant and are in decline."
Getting to her point about White Christian men, the professor declared, "We've seen a significant rise in violent extremism since 2008. Some of it’s been on the left, but the vast majority of it has been on the far-right. And it's been perpetrated almost exclusively by White men."'

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