Chelsea Clinton Calls For Tucker Carlson & ‘White Men’ To Be Held Accountable For Antisemitism After Kanye

Article here. Excerpt:

'Chelsea Clinton called for even more accountability for “white men” sharing antisemitic remarks after Kanye West was dropped from a number of partnerships during an interview on The View on Friday, October 28. The former first daughter specifically accused right-wing commentator Tucker Carlson of spreading antisemitism, when asked about her reaction to the rapper’s recent comments.

Even though Chelsea said that it was good to see Kanye face consequences, she accused the Fox News personality of sharing antisemitism. “While I can be grateful that there is accountability for the dangerous antisemitic rhetoric that Kanye has trafficked in and amplified, Tucker Carlson and a lot of white men are also trafficking in a lot of really dangerous antisemitism, and they need to be held accountable too,” she said.

The Anti-Defamation League has accused Tucker of antisemitism through their “Stop Hate For Profit” campaign. The ADL called on tech companies to deplatform the commentator and other extremists for sharing the antisemitic “Great Replacement Theory” in a May report. “The Stop Hate for Profit coalition calls on technology companies to deplatform Tucker Carlson and other repeat perpetrators spreading the ‘Great Replacement’ theory because of their significant role mainstreaming ideologies that normalize hate, foment fear and buoy extremists,” they wrote.'

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Ye is non-white, yet somehow his remarks get twisted in source to implicate who? A man who is white and never said anything that Ye said. He is also a sharp thorn in the side of liberals (pols and supporters). Just so happens.

Welcome to crazy world.

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