Men Need Restoration, Not Leftist Ridicule, To Fix Our Modern Masculinity Crisis

Article here. Excerpt:

'Although liberals seem to view masculine suffering as more of a joke, if not justified, retribution for having to live under “the patriarchy,” America is witnessing unprecedented problems for its men. As Hawley said in a speech last year, “American men are working less, they are getting married in fewer numbers, they’re fathering fewer children, they’re suffering more anxiety and depression, they’re engaging in more substance abuse.” The percentage of men pursuing degrees in higher education is precipitously declining. According to a study released by the Brookings Institution earlier this year, only 41 percent of students currently enrolled in college are men. That decrease, which has been going on for years, seems likely to continue. The percentage of men graduating from college is also declining.

The left’s response to the masculinity crisis is one of contempt and derision. If men are suffering, it’s their own fault. “Aren’t men still disproportionately represented in C-Suites?” they rhetorically ask, forgetting that the vast majority of American men are not executives at million-dollar firms. Because our technocratic elites are insulated by their own wealthy, credentialed circles, they are ignorant and callous towards the dilemmas of millions of men, as evidenced by their sneering attacks on male defenders like Jordan Peterson.

The Washington Post’s print edition recently featured an extended story about a single mother raising her son in Wyoming’s “cowboy country” that had been featured on their website last month. It is, admittedly, a very sad tale of betrayal, domestic abuse, sexual exploitation, and social exclusion. “Men just take and take and take and take. That’s what they are taught,” the jaded woman tells the WaPo reporter.

This is where the left feels most comfortable: identifying and foregrounding stories that blame men for what ails society. There is, of course, truth here: There are plenty of losers and dirtbags out there who mistreat and exploit women. Feminist-influenced liberal elites have decided that men mistreat women because of their biology and traditional societal norms embolden this behavior. Men don’t need to reclaim chivalry and honor; they simply need to be more like women (though, ironically, these ideologues also claim women need to be more like men).'

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... is for feminists to f*ck off and leave us in peace. But I predict we get no such luck.

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