Spain: To prison for laughing on Twitter at the fatal victims of sexist violence

Translated article here. While what the accused said was not desirable talk, plenty worse is said about men daily by feminists and out and out man-haters. Yet nothing happens to them. If misogyny is a crime in Spain and other places, why also is not misandry? This aside from free speech issues. Excerpt:

'A Twitter user will enter prison for laughing at the fatal victims of gender violence . The Supreme Court has decided to increase his sentence for a crime of incitement to hatred up to two and a half years in prison, which implies his compulsory entry into prison even if he has no criminal record.

According to the sentence, the accused Berenguer Jordi Moya wrote these messages on his Twitter account, under the nickname "Beren", between 2015 and 2016: "53 murdered by sexist gender violence so far this year, few seem to me with the whores that are loose", he said for example in one. "Let's see if we double that figure in 2016, thank you," he said in another, commenting on the number of women killed in crimes of sexist violence.

For these messages, and others, for example, laughing at the murdered young Sevillian Marta del Castillo in 2009 and also speaking of terrorism, the Prosecutor's Office requested four years in prison and the National Court imposed a total of two, which did not imply his mandatory entry. in a penitentiary center: now it has been the Supreme Court that has decided to uphold an appeal from the Public Ministry and increase his sentence to two and a half years, which will take him to jail.'

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