Australia: New funding to promote healthy masculinity among young men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Youth Minister Dave Kelly today announced $90,000 funding over three years for a peer-to-peer program to be rolled out in Western Australian classrooms coaching high school boys how to embrace healthy masculinity and positive attitudes towards women.

The MAN UP program aims to change the attitude, approach, behaviours and language around modern masculinity, enabling young men to embrace positive ideas over toxic ones at an earlier age.
Education workshops will be run for boys in years 7 to 12 and will focus on mental health and well-being with an emphasis on transforming boys into confident, purpose-driven, emotionally capable men.

"Mental health issues in men can stem from a toxic concept of masculinity that requires men to 'man up' or 'toughen up', to keep their emotions and vulnerability tightly controlled and hidden at all times.'

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It's a pittance.

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