"Tom Brady And The Selfishness Of Conventional Masculinity"

Article here. Lesson: Commit to career and family, and you'll get screwed in the end. Remember this. Excerpt:

'Brady embodies a trope as old as the patriarchy: the honorable provider who clocks in even when he doesn’t feel like it, gives his fullest effort every second, and rises up the ranks of his industry, securing his family’s financial well-being. He bears this burden for his loved ones, he will tell you, and he appreciates their unyielding support because after a long day of providing, a man needs a warm embrace to come home to. Winning the Super Bowl “meant a lot for my family,” Brady says in Tom vs. Time, “knowing what all my family put into it.” He is, in his telling, a martyr for a righteous cause. As long as he thrives at work, pays the bills, and refrains from any abusive behavior, he fulfills the obligations of being A Good Man.'

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