No man's land

Article here. Excerpt:

'When a gender gap disfavors women, we hear about it. But in his new book, Richard Reeves shows that today, a lot of gender gaps disfavor men. A scholar from the Brookings Institution, Reeves has written a book about how one of the two human sexes is struggling and needs special attention from the government. It’s called Of Boys and Men — and it’s impossible to pigeonhole ideologically.

The tome is too pro-male to fit in with today’s Left, too friendly with “social justice” concepts to belong on the Right, too big-government to be libertarian, and too interesting and unpredictable to qualify as centrist. Reeves’s goal seems to be to force everyone to confront their blind spots while grabbing attention with a "made for cable news interviews" proposal:

Boys, Reeves says, should be "redshirted" in school by default. That is, unless their parents opted out, boys would get an extra “dose” of pre-K while girls of the same age were in kindergarten and then start kindergarten alongside girls one year younger than them.'

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