British OnlyFans model Abigail White found guilty in stabbing death of ex after breakup

Article here. Exceptional. In most cases, she walks away either found not guilty or gets a suspended sentence. Excerpt:

'British OnlyFans model Abigail White, who went by Mitzee Lewis online and styled herself as "Fake Barbie," was sentenced to life in prison Friday for fatally stabbing her ex-boyfriend in late March.

The Bristol Crown Court found the 23-year-old woman guilty of stabbing her ex-boyfriend, Bradley Lewis, 22, in the heart at their South Gloucestershire home hours after he broke up with her.

White, who reportedly made $54,000 a year on OnlyFans, called an ambulance minutes after the stabbing on March 25, but lied and told authorities Lewis stabbed himself.

"I did not stab Bradley," White told police after she was arrested on suspicion of murder, the New York Post reported.'

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