Arizona Governor Candidate Kari Lake: 'There's No Such Thing as Toxic Masculinity'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Kari Lake, a former local news anchor and current Republican nominee for governor in Arizona, insisted that “there’s no such thing as toxic masculinity” and that the term is a “bunch of BS” at an event called Black Voices for Kari Lake on Monday, The New Republic reported. At the event, hosted by former NFL player Jack Brewer and where“Power” by Kanye West reportedly played as Lake walked on stage, the candidate also made a number of racist dog whistles about Black families, absent fathers, and the necessity of “strong fathers” for “strong women.” (The comments notably echoed those of Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, who as we all know isn’t exactly Father of the Year.)

It’s pretty funny to hear a Republican candidate in a state grappling with a near-total abortion ban deny the existence of toxic masculinity, while her party embraces candidates like Herschel Walker, who once held a gun to his wife’s head, and campaigns with incel king Jordan Peterson and platforms Andrew Tate. Just look around, ma’am!'

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