Andrew Reiner: How to help male students stay and succeed in college

Article here. Excerpt:

'The dearth of American males attending college has generated a lot of discussion. But little has been said about another crisis among young males — their struggles to remain buoyant, let alone succeed, once they’re in college.

I’ve witnessed this firsthand. As happened last semester and semesters before that, many of my male college students, especially Black males, are falling through the cracks. Male students are showing up to in-person — and even Zoom — class meetings less frequently, and they’re struggling to complete assignments.
An uncomfortable truth is that some colleges and universities are not as male-friendly as they would like to believe. Anecdotal evidence abounds of male students feeling disconnected from college classrooms and cultures. Recently, I gave a talk at a two-year college about how males’ academic and mental health struggles, as well as the alienation they feel, are impacting their academic performance. I was met with this: “Men have had the spotlight for far too long,” one self-described gender studies professor boomed to round applause. “Why are we putting it on them yet again?”'

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