The Democrats Are Losing Black Men. The Moynihan Report Explains Why

Article here. Excerpt:

'But while this began as a solution to certain problems within these communities, it has had the unintended effect of exacerbating them. The Democratic Party's subversion of male responsibility and authority within the home has made it increasingly antagonistic toward men and the traditional family structure. President Obama was routinely criticized by his liberal Black base whenever he promoted marriage and fatherhood in speeches to Black audiences. And since then, those progressive critics have become the official voice of the party: The 2020 Democratic party platform did not contain a single reference to the importance of marriage and the nuclear family.

The Left's detachment of parenting from marriage is not confined to elected officials. Most people associate Black Lives Matter with criminal justice reform, yet none of its 13 founding principles mention police brutality. The co-founders were clear, however, about their desire to "disrupt" the nuclear family.

The media has joined hands with activists and the Democratic Party in this regard, too. Several years ago, an MSNBC roundtable discussion featured three Black professors who dismissed people advocating marriage and responsible fatherhood as believers in the "magical Black father myth," while Hall of Fame NFL coach Tony Dungy was harshly criticized for appearing with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in April to promote a responsible fatherhood initiative.'

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... black men have known for longer that "traditional marriage" is a total scam perpetrated on men?

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