Andrew Tate and the West’s lost boys

Article here. Excerpt:

'Tate himself says: “I am simply saying things that many men think, believe and feel.” I’m not sure that this is true. It’s unlikely that most his viewers are so passionately anti-feminist. But simply dismissing Tate as a misogynist or an opportunist is not good enough, even though he is both. His appeal should instead be seen as a leading indicator of some of the genuine disorientation being felt by millions of boys and men.

This male malaise is real. The symptoms can be seen in school, in the workplace and in family life. Boys have fallen far behind girls in the classroom and on college campuses. Male wages have yet to recover from the Great Recession, and men in their twenties now earn slightly less, on average, than women of the same age. In two out of five couples, the woman earns as much or more than the man. A million children are growing up without any relationship with their father. The resulting “Dad Deprivation”, as Warren Farrell, author of The Boy Crisis, puts it, has clear negative effects on education, crime, health, and employment for children — especially boys.'

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