Stephanie Holden Smith: American feminism is a falsehood

Article here. Excerpt:

'American feminism is dead. May she rest in peace.

Though little was said about it due to the pandemic, the year 2020 was the 100-year mark for American women’s suffrage. In a subsequent Pew Research Survey, women were asked about the impact of feminism on their lives; 41% of women said it helped them at least a little; one in 10 said feminism helped them a lot; 7% said feminism hurt them, while half said it has neither helped nor hurt them personally.

The 1970s brand of forceful feminism was a misguided movement toward unmoored sexual freedom that has now fully devolved into little more than an astroturf abortion lobbying mafia. American feminists have decided that unabated abortion rights are the only issue that matters to women that matter (liberals), and, therefore, have relegated themselves to harping in their echo chamber on the View and wearing red capes in court protests while covering for Hollywood and political elites in the false #metoo movement. American feminism is dead because it ignored the fact that most women aren’t anti-male militants who want abortion on demand until birth (or after). American feminism is dead because it allowed itself to be used by political power brokers instead of standing on principle or even asking women themselves what they thought or needed. Any redeeming value the movement had left was lost when it was purchased at auction by the highest bidder, who just happened to be in the extremely lucrative business of helping sex traffickers, aiding domestic abusers and promoting sex-selective abortion until birth: Planned Parenthood.'

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WST depts. in unis along with dedicated-to-women gov't institutions plus private ones (think the Gates Foundation, run by feminist and f*ck-your-way-to-riches gal Melinda Gates) will be sure to keep funding the Feminist Hooey and Hate Machine well into the future.

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