The Elites Have Stopped Hiding Their Hatred of the Working Class

Article here. Excerpt:

'Last week, a shocking moment of truth broke through the huge effort elites normally put into hiding their disdain for the rest of us. At an event sponsored by the libertarian Cato Institute, President of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, Adam Posen—a man who appears to be paid $450,000 a year—made clear his absolute contempt for the working class.

"The fetish for manufacturing is part of the general fetish for keeping white males of low education outside the cities in the powerful positions they are in in the U.S.," Posen said. As proof, Posen argued that no one cared when recessions hurt Black Americans.
Posen is not the only one to show how wokeness and elitism go hand in hand, enabling a member of the overeducated elite like Posen to arrive at the fantasy that white men without a college degree somehow have their hands on the levers of power such that anyone could be involved in "keeping" them there.
It turns out that when the jobs leave and people lose their livelihoods, they tend to lose their sense of meaning. Despair sets in and down the rabbit hole of addiction many people go. Men without a college degree are leading the nation in deaths of despair, but elites like Posen only see "powerful positions"!'

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