With The Anti-Woke Backlash Against Women Escalating, Efforts To Increase Diversity Must Accelerate

Article here. Excerpt:

'In today’s workforce, only slightly more women than men are college educated; yet, significantly fewer (33%) hold senior management roles. If women overtaking men in education bodes well for gender equality, the current gender gap in leadership positions is a reminder of how much harder women must work to get the same opportunities afforded to men.
Concurrently, the anti-woke capitalism movement has revealed its fangs. Under the banner of “protecting excellence,” venture capitalists and businessmen have started organized actions to marginalize corporations that seek to create greater diversity. This not-too-closeted effort to ensure male primacy in boardrooms and other executive settings finds additional energy in the resurgence of the “bro” lingo and in sectors of corporate culture like tech and finance.

Notably, women are more likely to perform unpaid, emotional work in their jobs. They mentor and support at a higher rate. But they also manage men's emotional wobbliness, including mood changes, Machiavellian social interactions, destructive leadership behaviors and inappropriate conduct. Paradoxically, while women must often do double duty and self-regulate for themselves and their male colleagues, they are branded with the emotionally unstable label.'

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