Ohio men not registered for military draft pay hundreds of thousands extra for college

Article here. Excerpt:

'Nick Lombardo got a $4,500 lesson on the military draft in his Kent State tuition bill.

The 2021 graduate of a private high school in Akron neglected to sign up for the Selective Service System, as all American men are expected to on their 18th birthdays. Though a draft hasn’t been called up since the Vietnam War, failing to register with selective services is grounds for felony prison time, hefty fines, denial of employment (like a job with the United States Postal Service) and — on a state-by-state basis — extra tuition or all-out bans on enrolling in public colleges and universities.

As members of Congress debate whether to abolish or expand the program, Lombardo joined the college-aged men in Ohio charged hundreds of thousands of dollars, likely millions, in extra tuition since the 1980s.'

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