Clarifying the American Psychological Association's Guidelines for Boys and Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'To address the ongoing controversy about American Psychological Association's Practice Guidelines for Boys and Men, we want to clarify what these guidelines are, and what they are not.

Boys and men in the U. S. are not faring very well these days, according to a large number of indicators in educational and vocational attainment, health, mental health, and creating social problems such as gun violence. Psychological research strongly suggests that a big part of all of these problems is that young boys, in elementary school and even earlier, are made to feel that conforming to masculine norms is obligatory, and that they should feel ashamed of themselves if they violate these norms This gender role socialization process has been well-documented, and the long-lasting effects show up when adult men are asked to reveal their "top secret"—the thing they have never told anyone and never would. It turns out that many of these shameful secrets reflect their own violation of masculine norms when they were boys. The APA Practice Guidelines for Men and Boys provides guidance to psychologists to help them understand the gender role socialization of boys and its consequences and provides tools to help boys and men who want to overcome the lingering effects of their socialization to do so.'

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