Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis’s Break-Up Inspired Opposite Ideas About Gender Roles

Article here. Excerpt:

'Wilde called Jordan Peterson “a pseudo-intellectual” and “incel hero,” who inspired the film’s villain. Both these claims have rightly been discredited, but Wilde reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of Peterson’s appeal by claiming he “legitimizes” incels. Peterson explicitly warns against resentment and complacency. Rather, his teaching to young men could be summarized in 4 words: Grow the hell up! Peterson appeals to young men because he presents a positive vision for masculine aspiration, a preferable alternative to Wilde’s world, where men are either oppressors or betas. Harry Styles manages to ─ between his work on camera and on the press circuit ─ be both.

Men can be oppressors as they are in her film. These 1950s-era men are sloppily categorized as complete villains to be opposed at all costs. And then, there are the real-life men of 2022 who she dates and directs, fops like Chris Pine and Harry Styles. These men are so emasculated that they are, at best, fun diversions and otherwise irrelevant. Wilde’s advice to men seems to be: Shut the hell up. Judging from his interview, Styles is well-suited to such a calling.'

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