Fresh accusations of violence against women divide France’s left

Article here. Look at the so-called standards being applied here. A break-up that was difficult for the woman now is as bad as violence against her? Really, if these are the standards this poitical party adopts, no male pol in it is safe. Excerpt:

'Another head has rolled on the French left. Julien Bayou is no longer co-president of the green group in France’s National Assembly or national secretary of the Green party, where he’s been an important figure since 2013, after being accused of psychological abuse against his former partner.

The Green party — Europe Écologie les Verts (EELV) — is torn over the affair, which comes right after a rift formed within the broader left-wing alliance — led by far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s France Unbowed — over another controversy surrounding violence against women.
In July, Le Figaro reported that Bayou’s ex-girlfriend had filed a complaint to the Greens’ internal team which deals with violence against women, after what he called a “painful and difficult breakup.” His job only appeared to be on the line, however, after Sandrine Rousseau, a fellow Green and influential MP, re-upped the matter on France 5 last week.

Rousseau suggested Bayou had exhibited “behavior which could break women’s psychological health” and said that Bayou’s former partner had later attempted suicide. The party subsequently suspended Bayou from his role as co-president of the group, and he has now stepped down as secretary as well.'

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