A Women’s College Goes Coed, and ‘Chaos Ensues’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Students at NDMU got the news that their school was going coed through a letter that arrived in their email inboxes without warning Tuesday afternoon. (This paragraph has been updated to clarify the way the students received the news.)

Malinowski, who was in the dining hall when the email came through, said that when students realized what it meant, “chaos ensued.”

“People were shouting, upset, crying,” she said. “It was just truly an astounding moment for the school to shred its history so quickly and without warning.”
Dozens of alumnae voiced their opposition to the move in a meeting with NDMU president Marylou Yam held over Zoom Thursday night. On alumnae Facebook groups and other social media sites, many expressed anger mixed with nostalgic remembrances of what they described as the distinct, community-centered experience of attending a women’s college.'

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... women in college classrooms must automatically feel judged when there are men around and it's all the men's fault.

I wouldn't go to a formerly-all-women's college. Title IX is bad enough in co-ed colleges. Colleges still w/ a wymyn-chip on their shoulder will undoubtedly be worse.

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