Sex addict who slept with 700 men blames high-profile feminists for the rise in misogyny because 'man-hating attitudes' drive boys to toxic ideology

Article here. Excerpt:

'A former Bachelor star and recovered sex addict has taken aim at high-profile Australian feminists she believes are inadvertently causing a surge in misogyny by 'hating on' men.

Belinda 'Love' Rygier, who overcame her addiction after bedding more than 700 men, singled out Abbie Chatfield and Clementine Ford as the worst offenders in her opinion.

She even compared them to toxic influencers on the opposite side of the 'war of the sexes', including disgraced social media star Andrew Tate, whose misogyny has seen him kicked off social media platforms such as TikTok.

'I think "good on her" for her personal success. But her beliefs around feminism are actually misandry,' Ms Rygier said of Chatfield.

Rygier said Chatfield and Ford 'trigger' her with their sometimes outlandish statements about men.

Ford, a best-selling author and commentator, infamously tweeted that 'coronavirus isn't killing men fast enough' at the height of the pandemic. She later apologised following public outrage.

Chatfield also once claimed '40 per cent of men are paedophiles'.

'How [Chatfield] speaks about them. I don't follow them as they trigger me, her and Clementine Ford. How they hate on men...' Rygier said.'

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