Perspective: The real reason the all-women workspace failed

Article here. Excerpt:

'Though the company claimed that its financial troubles were due to COVID-19 — no one wants to cowork in a pandemic — the truth is that the model of women-only business environments is a scam sold to ordinary women by wealthy feminists looking to make a buck. Women operate in the same economy as men, and it’s silly to pretend they can build a wall around themselves to keep out men or all the problems that supposedly come with them (“mansplaining” to name one).
To make matters worse, women initially weren’t even allowed to have men attend meetings they were hosting in the workspace. That should have been a sign the founders were living in some kind of feminist la-la land.

The company was sued in 2018 for gender discrimination, and it revised its policies to allow men, but it still maintained the aura of female empowerment. It also faced complaints that it was inhospitable to Black and Hispanic women. While another member interviewed by the Post thought that the allegations were unfair — “In general, female-led businesses are under more of a microscope — especially a place that is preaching inclusivity” — the fact of the matter is that there is no reason a random group of women who want to rent office space would be particularly likely to get along.

These are women who each went there to make their own business work. They have no common goal and nothing to bond them together besides the experience of being a woman. Sisterhood is not as powerful as some people like to claim.'

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