Texas A&M diversity policies discriminate against white, Asian men - lawsuit

Article here. Excerpt:

'Texas A&M University has been hit with a proposed class action claiming its employment policies unlawfully discriminate against white and Asian men.

Richard Lowery, an associate professor of finance at the University of Texas at Austin, said in a complaint filed in Houston federal court on Saturday that Texas A&M's affirmative action policies bar him from getting a faculty job with the university system because he is white.

Lowery says policies adopted by the school favor women and non-Asian minorities in hiring, promotions and pay. That includes setting aside some faculty positions for members of underrepresented minority groups, according to the complaint.

"These discriminatory, illegal, and anti-meritocratic practices have been egged on by woke ideologues who populate the so-called diversity, equity, and inclusion offices at public and private universities throughout the United States," Lowery's lawyers wrote.'

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