Anonymity for men falsely accused of rape

Article here. Excerpt:

‘No man should have to go what I went through,’ said the teary John Jarratt, after a jury took 15 minutes to decide he was not guilty of an alleged rape forty years earlier. He’d been through twenty months of what he called ‘media death row’, with the worldwide press coverage traumatic for his entire family.

The accusation came from a former flatmate – Jarratt admitted he had sex with the woman, but said it was consensual. She said she’d been inspired by #MeToo and took action when the well-known Australian actor was at the peak of his career, starring in Wolf Creek II. Even after the jury tossed the case out and Jarratt successfully sued The Telegraph for reporting he had ‘got away with rape’, the incident will always be part of his history.

‘The woman who perpetrated the evil lie against me walked away scot-free,’ said Jarratt, calling for laws to be changed so that neither party is identified unless someone is convicted.'

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