Gone girl(boss): Troubled co-working space The Wing announced it's shutting down, but all anybody cares about is what will happen to its furniture

Article here. No surprise. Limiting your customer base to only women in need of co-working space and charging an arm and a leg for it is not a winning business formula. Excerpt:

'On Tuesday night, The Wing, the all-female co-working space founded by Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan in 2016, sent an email to members announcing it would be permanently closing all its locations, effective immediately.

"The operating environment since reopening our six current locations of The Wing, 14 months ago has continued to prove extremely challenging," the message read. "With the backdrop of the Covid pandemic and increasing global economic challenges, we have been unable to recover and grow the level of active membership and event activity necessary to run a financially sustainable operation."'

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