Men’s lack of accountability is shackling women in the workforce

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women have more choice in forming relationships than men (they are more “picky”) and have better social cognition that enables them to include and exclude people from groups. As a result, many men turn to women to validate their masculinity, and, in Atwood’s words, fear women will “embarrass” them.

Men are often expected to free themselves from the expectations of their mothers—and women as a whole—at a young age. Supporting women and acknowledging personal flaws requires humility and self-correction. They often score lower on tests of empathy than women, enabling them to disregard others’ emotions, silence other sexes and avoid accountability at all costs.

While women are often taught to be honest and avoid situations that harm themselves and others, men are taught to evade responsibility. Women are taught to accept injury. When we women see a large figure in the streets at night, feel an abusive family member’s anger, or say no to a sexual encounter, we acutely feel this vulnerability.

Gender discrimination is designed to insulate men from women and protect their masculinity.'

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... abt the sexes are OK provided they put men down and talk women up.

Reading this article made me want to vomit.

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This article is full of sexist speech, it's hard to find any unbiased statements.

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