Psychologist claims some men hate astrology because of their 'toxic masculinity'

Article here. Excerpt:

'While astrology might be in-vogue once again with Gen Z and millennials, women are far more likely to put their faith in the cosmos over their male counterparts.

A recent study found that 37 per cent of women believe that the answers lie within the stars, while only 20 per cent of men believe in astrology.

Psychologist Barbara Santini reckons the belief in the zodiac has shifted to being a 'feminised' pastime.

Santini reckons that some of the more macho men out there choose to reject astrology as they deem any sort of femininity a threat to their hunter/hero/warrior masculine ways.

"To most men, astrology is too girly or immature, which explains why they disagree with it or deny its validity,” Santini told PopSugar.

"This creates a negative perception of astrology and the women who like it."

She added: "For some men, the refusal of astrology is linked to toxic masculinity, which does not allow them to enjoy the same things as women.”'

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