India: Women's Panel Wants Shaktimaan Actor Charged For "Misogynistic" Remark

Article here. Excerpt:

'Veteran actor Mukesh Khanna is currently facing an intense backlash on social media after his recent video went viral where he made derogatory comments on women.

The chairperson of the Delhi Commission for Women, Swati Maliwal, has now filed a notice for the Delhi cyber cell seeking registration of an FIR against Mukesh Khanna for his misogynistic comments.

Talking about the video, a 22-second clip of the 7-minute-long video is travelling round the corner, which he shared on his YouTube channel Bheeshm International, in the video 'Shaktimaan' actor, could be seen saying in Hindi, "Those girls who ask for sex from a male are not girls, they are doing 'Dhanda' (business), because a girl from a good society will never do these type of shameless talks, and if she does then she is not from a good society, that's her 'Dhanda' (business), you don't participate in it."'

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