RAF jobs boss quits amid claims 'offers to white men are paused to meet diversity targets'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Job offers to white male recruits of the RAF have effectively been paused to meet diversity targets, defence sources have claimed.

Women and ethnic minorities are reportedly being favoured in recruitment drives to meet 'impossible' targets, which has prompted the Head of Recruitment at the RAF to resign in protest.

The officer, a female herself, left the post amid concerns that hiring restrictions could undermine the strength of the service, according to sources.

Sources claim recruiters within the RAF have been told to temporarily pause offering roles to white male recruits in favour of women and ethnic minorities.
Last year, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, Head of the armed forces, spoke publicly about the importance of striving for more diversity and that it was all about 'woeful' statistics.

'The woefulness of too few women,' he said. 'The woefulness of not reflecting the ethnic, religious and cognitive diversity of our nation.''

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Is this code for, basically, recruiting stupid people?

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