UK: Who’ll speak up for the working-class white boys who’ve become Britain’s new oppressed minority?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Britain, we are often told, is a deeply racist and intolerant society, in which sinister ‘power structures’ hold back minority ethnic groups, while the white majority push selfishly ahead.

Yet new data flies in the face of this fashionable narrative.

Following a national drive to make undergraduate intakes more ‘diverse’, figures released on Thursday by the Department for Education showed that, for the first time, white young people are now proportionately the least likely of all major ethnic groups to attend our top universities.

Among Britain’s Chinese families, some 40.7 per cent of their youngsters made it to Oxford, Cambridge and others in the elite Russell Group in 2020-21. The figures for Asian young people were 16 per cent. It was 10.7 per cent for black families — and just 10.5 per cent among white ones.

Of course, in some ways, this is an inspirational success story. That children from non-white backgrounds are thriving in Britain’s educational system is something to celebrate.

Commendable, too, are our universities’ efforts to make their student intakes more diverse. Many of these establishments are world-leading and it is right they should be open to anyone with the brains and aptitude to succeed in them.'

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