Commentary on the overturning of Roe v. Wade

With Roe v. Wade overturned, to not mention it hereon is like ignoring the proverbial 800-lb. gorilla. So I won't.

One man's opinion on the recent decision made by SCOTUS: Strictly speaking it is a Constitutionalist/Constructionist decision. However getting the Con'n updated by amendment is nigh onto impossible even when a lot of ppl think it ought to be. So modernist judges use contemporary standards to find rights that are not explicitly acknowledged in the Con'n by interpreting it as if it had just been written w/ today's standards in view. In short, in the matter of individuals' rights discussed in a federalizing document, to me, there is no right answer, as both approaches to interpreting the Con'n are arguably valid. Thus the matter is political in nature since legality itself supplies no solutions. Yes indeed, it becomes a matter of just who is on SCOTUS when the matter comes before the Court.

As pertains men's rights: there are two major schools of thought, IMO. The first is that men should support abortion rights because that opens the door to men eventually getting "paper abortion" rights. Currently that's not even on the radar screen. But maybe one day. The second is that so long as women won't support "paper abortion" rights for men, why should men care if women have abortion rights? Surrounding these two positions though are non-sex-specific schools of thought, namely the pro-life and pro-choice positions. Where you stand is up to you.

As for ppl who suggest/assert that men *should not* or *don't* have a right to an opinion because they don't have uterii, I respond that such a statement may be right or it may be wrong. It doesn't really matter, because men DO have opinions on abortion, and men vote. So feminists or in general pro-choicers, ironically even male ones, may WISH men had no opinions about abortion, but we do. And, we vote, like it or not.

Finally I'd just like to say to those decrying the loss of their supposed bodily autonomy in states where abortion is now or soon will be illegal: Welcome to the world of men. Our bodily autonomy was vacated here in the US back in 1792. Subsequent Acts have fully fleshed out the definition of what it means to be in "the militia", and it includes all men of military age. Yes indeed, welcome to our world.

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