Opinion: Father's Day call to help stop the sexual assault of our nation’s children

Article here. Excerpt:

'Dads, we are failing our children.

As men and fathers, we participate in institutions every day that perpetuate a culture of rape. And once a sexual assault occurs, we are often — however unintentionally — a part of the machine that shames survivors, forces them into silence, and isolates them from their communities.
Please, fathers, consider whether you are building that safe space in your own home. And, when a child comes to you saying that they were assaulted, believe them. Doing this is hard work. Loving your child in the way they need, combatting sexual aggression, and supporting and believing survivors is hard because we’re all carrying so much baggage.'

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I am not failing my child, thank you very much. F off with this unwarranted lecture, especially on Father's Day!

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