UK troops in trouble for consensual orgy

Article here. Basically, they had a consensual gang-bang. So what? The UK military says it could be seen as a denigration of women. Hardly, esp. when entirely consensual. Reverse the sexes: would it be considered a denigration of men? Excerpt:

'Hundreds of British paratroopers were banned from a NATO deployment after videos surfaced of an orgy with a civilian woman in the barracks that had some soldiers watching on, according to reports.

Eight paratroopers serving in the UK’s 16 Air Assault Brigade were under police investigation over a video of them having sex with a civilian woman who had been snuck into the Merville barracks in Colchester, it was revealed earlier this month.

The woman had been snuck into the barracks as many as 31 times over the past five months, according to The Times of London.'

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