"Be the Change" fighting "casual misogyny"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Over the years, the cupcake tables that sat centre-stage at International Women's Day events started to get on Jasmin Bedir's nerves.

So in 2021, the Innocean Australia CEO launched not-for-profit Fck The Cupcakes (FTC), calling on as many members of the public and corporate supporters as possible to help her in her efforts to "fight endemic misogyny" and make some tangible change.

Now, the initiative has launched a new campaign titled 'Be The Change', and this time the target is casual misogyny.

Speaking to 9Honey, Be The Change spokesperson Rod Prosser, who is also the Chief Sales Officer of Network 10, explained the focus of the campaign.

"'Be The Change' puts a spotlight on casual misogyny, which we think is one of the most important problems to correct in the fight to break the bias," says Prosser.

"We know that so many men have 'unconscious bias' against women, and also don't see themselves as part of the problem, because they don't realise how their own behaviour can be harmful."'

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