Twitter bans boost of "In His Words" article

Article here. Really, no surprise coming from Twitter. Excerpt:

'A May 4th article that addressed the demonizing of masculinity in America (Assaulting our Boys: The Campaign to Demonize Masculinity) must have struck a nerve. Within 24 hours, it had several thousand views. I decided to boost the article, that looked at the lack of attention on boys and men as an assault on masculinity, on social media to increase its visibility. Twitter did not allow the boosting of the article, asserting it violated the company’s usage policy. I appealed and asked for an explanation, receiving the following message.


Twitter listed (in the email above) some examples of what constitutes a violation of political content policy, even though the content did not violate any of the examples. This approach is not new to social media sites aimed at tilting public awareness toward particular narratives and away from other concerns or points of view. Our attempt to share the Boy Gender-Gaps and the Male Gender-Gaps that exist happened as Twitter employees were upset about the Musk takeover: I wondered if the potential Twitter acquisition by Musk contributed to a frustrated employee backlash, at least in the short term, to marginalize groups it deems not in its particular scope.'

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