An Imagined Rebuttal to Amber Heard’s 2018 Washington Post Column

Article here. Excerpt:

'Following the ACLU’s example, and in the interest of gender equity, I have taken the liberty of ghost-writing an “imagined rebuttal” to Heard’s column with Mr. Depp as the “author”. This rebuttal deconstructs their article, paragraph by paragraph, and provides a more balanced and truthful examination for each.

Note that Mr. Depp doesn’t know me from Adam and has no prior knowledge of this effort. I’m simply doing it as a public service to him and to fair-minded men and women everywhere. Also note that in keeping with Heard’s assertion that the Post article “wasn’t about Depp because it didn’t name him”, in his rebuttal, Depp only refers to “the defendant” (wink-wink).'

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