Trellix CEO: Cybersecurity Has Too Many 'Straight White Men'

Article here. Excerpt:

'There is a serious problem with the homogenized nature of cybersecurity professionals, Trellix CEO Bryan Palma said during his keynote at the RSA Conference.

An overwhelming majority of individuals in the cybersecurity field identify as straight, white, and male, according to a recent Trellix-commissioned survey conducted by a market research firm.

This clear lack of diversity is holding the industry back in two main ways. “First, we are turning away great people and doing our industry a significant disservice by failing to cultivate a more inclusive environment,” Palma explained. “We are all better when we benefit from the diverse perspectives of others.”

And secondly, that homogenization is bad for business. “I learned this decades ago from Indra Nooyi, the former PepsiCo CEO: we do not look like our customers. And our lack of diversity restricts our ingenuity, innovation, and ability to recruit the next generation of talent,” Palma said.'

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