I Reported Sexual Harassment by My Boss. A Week Later, I Was Suspended.

Article here. Excerpt:

'Shani began sexually harassing me days after I started this job. On October 22, 2020, after learning I was bisexual, she told me I was a “unicorn” and that she found me attractive. Weeks later, on November 20, she came to my house at night, attempted to get me inebriated (I do not drink), told me she had feelings for me, and asked me to sleep with her. When I rejected her repeated advances, Shani used the power she holds over me at the PAB to punish me.

In many ways, the retaliation and harassment I faced was standard for people who resist their boss’s advances. Shani humiliated and ridiculed me at work. She hugged and touched me without my consent. She told me intimate details about the sex lives of mutual friends and spread rumors about my sexual preferences with others. Whenever I tried to draw boundaries and maintain a professional relationship, Shani would threaten me for not “acting like her friend” while reminding me of her romantic feelings toward me. What made this particularly awful, however, was the way it worked to exploit or distort my sexual orientation — for example, when Shani ordered me to end a romantic relationship I had with a woman while encouraging me to date men.'

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