Why so many young Democratic men think feminism has done more harm than good

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Southern Poverty Law Center last week released a poll with Tulchin Research in which they asked men of different age groups and party affiliations if they believe feminism has “done more harm than good.” Not surprisingly, of younger (under the age of 50) Republican men, 62% agreed. But of younger Democratic men, 46% agreed, 41% disagreed and 13% stated they didn’t know.

When asked if men should be represented and valued more in our society, a whopping 60% of younger Democratic men agreed, which was not far off from the 65% of younger Republican men.
The perceived feminist push toward relationship domination has in turn made many men afraid of long-term commitments. They may be scared to procreate in fear of a family-court system that could prevent a relationship with their children instead of fostering it. They’ve become pessimistically focused on a 50% divorce rate that is initiated by women 70% of the time. In the end, we have two sexes who are increasingly fearful of each other.'

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