MSNBC guest: ‘White Men’ are the biggest ‘threat’ to women’s ‘liberty as citizens,’ ‘right to vote’

Article here. Excerpt:

'She minced no words, telling the MSNBC host that "White men" are the biggest threat facing women today:

"103 years after the passage of the 19th amendment in the Senate, the challenge and, frankly, the threat is the White men who have had a monopoly on our society, our democracy, and our country, who continue to block our access to the ballot and our liberty as citizens, as women and everything that comes with it."

Haines said men have "always enjoyed" those "same freedoms" without ever having to "earn" them through amendments to the Constitution. "And while it’s fine for people to share something when you don’t think it’s going to cost you anything. When people feel like they are losing something that belongs to them, particularly power, everybody else watch out," Haines stated, implying that White men will do a lot to maintain their grip on power.'

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