No matter who 'wins' the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial, America has lost

Article here. Excerpt:

'Wagatwe Wanjuki, an anti-violence advocate who helps communities prevent and respond to sexual abuse, believes that the trial’s reception is a symptom of a culture that still needs to be educated on the complicated realities of intimate partner violence. “We need to show and encourage a better way to talk about abuse, abusers and victims,” she said. “We do not teach people what domestic violence is, so most are ill-equipped to talk about abuse with the proper care and education needed to avoid upholding a culture of abuse.”

To an outsider, Heard and Depp’s relationship seems tumultuous, volatile and at times even violent. But calling their dynamic “mutual abuse” — as it was during the trial — perpetuates the same kind of stereotypes that keep abusers in control. “It's dangerous because it doesn't exist,” Wanjuki said about the term. “At the core of an abusive relationship is a power imbalance that is created and sustained by a pattern of domination and control. Spreading this term is a gift to abusers, because it distorts the true nature of the relationship by minimizing what they've done.”'

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... for feminist idealogues. *sigh*

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