School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas

Article here. Excerpt:

'School shooters are almost always male, mentally ill, fatherless, and lost souls with little purpose, what Dr. Warren Farrell called, the “purpose void.” Despite our well established knowledge of these things, shooters continue to rear their heads again and again with ever increasing loss of lives. Since 2000, there has been approximately 367 school-shooting, related incidents. One school incident involved a child 6-years-of-age.

Another incident involved a woman who accidentally set off her gun in a school gymnasium while reaching into her purse for her cell-phone. Though the later example is truly uncommon, the former is not. The overwhelming majority of school shooters are male, and most of them likely have some form of mental illness and other contributing social dynamics that lead to unconscionable acts of violence that seem to come from some long immoral urge, a sickness of the mind born from illness or excessive suppressed affliction.
There is no denying the overwhelming number of these shooters are boys and men who are likely suffering from some form of mental illness. As discussed in an article after the Buffalo shooting, at least 70% of mass shooters have some form of mental illness. However, the overwhelming majority of boys and men are not committing any form of violent crime but boys and men are clearly impacted by mental health in very different ways, including suicide, alcohol, and drug overdose deaths. These too are manifestations of a type of self-harm. These are not comparable to school shootings, but many school shooters acting out their rage are often carrying out a form of communal and self harm simultaneously. This in no way excuses the act of the shooter. It does, however, give us pause to consider the ever increasing mental health issues and fractured family structures that allow for boys and men susceptible to violence to actualize it, something we are also witnessing with the increase in homicides. (School shootings are only one portion of the homicide problem as the nation has seen a marked rise in homicide deaths over the last two years.)'

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