Our greatest public-health crisis? The angry young American male

Article here. Here we go. She's not even trying to hide it. Young maleness = dangerously violent. The generalizations are scarcely challenged. I wonder what exactly she propose? Curfews for males under 25? No guns sold to males under 25? Why stop there? No talk of mental health issues and where they may come from (e.g. no father at home). Excerpt:

'We are continuing to create, more than twenty years after Columbine, young male mass shooters who target schoolchildren.

Only in America. No other country suffers this sickness but us. America, land of milk and honey. Born here and you’re born on third base. Yet we are cultivating a cohort — young men hellbent on killing our children.
The Lone Wolf is no more, not since the Internet. Now any disaffected young man can become, with anonymous encouragement and advice, a killing machine.

Among the most recent violent subcultures to coalesce online are the so-called incels, the portmanteau for “involuntary celibates,” deemed a specific threat by the U.S. Secret Service in a study published last March.
The membrane between the virtual world and the physical one has all but collapsed. Online threats and perseverating over violent actions, especially by young men — these need to be treated as real.

After 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security began tracking online chatter to disrupt planned terror attacks, as did the FBI, which began proactively working up profiles of future terrorists.

Why can’t the same be done here?'

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