Latest office politics row sees exam chiefs telling male civil servants they must stop 'hepeating' women's ideas and declaring them as their own

Article here. Excerpt:

'You may – or may not – have come to terms with such workplace sins as 'mansplaining' or 'microaggressions'.

But now there's a new offence in the minefield of office politics: 'hepeating'.

The term has been coined to describe the act of a man hijacking an idea previously suggested by a woman – then getting all the credit for it. And now civil servants have been warned not to do it.

The portmanteau of 'he' and 'repeating' appears to have been invented in 2017 by friends of American physics professor Nicole Gugliucci, whose tweet defining the term went viral.

Although the word has yet to make it into the Oxford English Dictionary, staff working for exam regulator Ofqual have introduced it in an internal handbook.

The 28-page book, obtained by The Mail on Sunday under Freedom of Information legislation, describes 'hepeating' as 'a situation where a man repeats a woman's comments or ideas and then is praised for them as if they were his own'.'

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