Feminist author: Stay-at-home moms breed ‘worse, more sexist’ men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Controversial feminist author Jill Filipovic is preaching the “overwhelmingly negative consequences” of stay-at-home moms — and social media watchdogs are coming for her.

Filipovic, 38, detailed her stance that these mothers create “worse, more sexist” men — and women who are “psychologically and emotionally worse off” — in a now-viral Twitter thread published on Tuesday.
Filipovic noted that families that are set up in a more traditional sense — a k a, per her thread, the “carer/earner nuclear family model” — is a historical oddity “that is tremendously isolating and often financially devastating for the carer (almost always a woman).”

“It also reinforces the gendered division of labor, which ripples out to all women,” she continued. She then recommended a “robust social welfare state” instead of “paying mothers a small stipend.'”'

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